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24 Bill Bradley quotes:

"That (strategy) was not in conflict with the way I have run my campaign, ... It shows respect for the voters, to point out that something is untrue."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Conflict Quotes
"There are issues such as what are we going to do with this enormous (budget) surplus that we have. I think Al Gore clearly has the vision of what to do with that. It's a much better vision than that of George W. Bush,"
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Budgets Quotes
"However, I have serious questions about our policy. We are escalating our commitment without establishing a clear exit strategy. As with Bosnia, we run the risk of becoming bogged down in a quagmire whose end we cannot predict or control,"
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"If you want to get into people's living rooms, you have to get into their living rooms, ... Your come-from-behind underdog speech brings tears to my eyes."
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"You should rest assured. You are going to get Social Security benefits as long as you are alive,"
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"Look, I don't think it's negative campaigning when you tell the truth about somebody's record."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Truth Quotes
"I exercise regularly on the Stairmaster,"
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Exercise Quotes
"You are an integral part of America,"
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: America Quotes
"I hope that all leaders in this country will be innovative in trying to find ways to reach out to people to challenge their best instincts as opposed to playing to their worst instincts."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"Every time I have some moment on a seashore, or in the mountains, or sometimes in a quiet forest, I think this is why the environment has to be preserved."
"This energy is going to carry us all the way, ... Whoever would have thought we'd be met by this kind of crowd in the middle of the night?"
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Energy Quotes
"Some people say we can never achieve our special destiny, but I say, in a world of new possibilities guided by goodness, we can and we will,"
"Imagination allows us to escape the predictable. It enables us to reply to the common wisdom that we cannot soar by saying, "Just watch!"
"[Accusing Vice President Al Gore and Texas Gov. George W. Bush of hypocrisy, Bradley said both men have said they support changing the soft money system.] However, ... both reportedly have directed their top fund-raisers to begin raising soft money to the general election."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Hypocrisy Quotes
"I was stunned by the verdict. It shows that racial profiling seeps so deeply in our society that a wallet in the hand of a white man looks like a wallet, and the wallet in the hand of a black man looks like a gun."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Society Quotes
"The most important thing we can do is use our authority to petition to get access to markets, ... The problem with agriculture in America is serious. In Iowa, it's dead serious."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Authority Quotes
"serious questions about our policy. We are escalating our commitment without establishing a clear exit strategy."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes
"We are well below our debt limit."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Debt Quotes
"There's something about Al Gore I don't trust. I don't quite know what it is."
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"We have to repair that trust ... I think anytime a public official lies, he undermines his own authority and squanders the public trust."
Author: Bradley Quotes Category: Authority Quotes

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