Akbar Rafsanjani Quotes

6 Akbar Rafsanjani quotes:

"America and other countries want to issue a resolution taking advantage of Chapter Seven. Could they achieve this? It is doubtful."
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"We do not discount the possibility of US aggression under any circumstance; we stress at the same time that it would not be in the interest of the United States, nor us."
"They want to deprive Islamic nations of having nuclear energy knowledge and always keep them backwards."
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"We are not seeking a confrontation but, if it is imposed on us, we are prepared for it. The consequences of such an attack will be very grave and they [the Americans] will not benefit from it."
"It is not possible to wrongly accuse such a nation (Iran) ... and then send its dossier to the security council and drag the region step by step towards a critical situation."
"We want to assure you (the Gulf region) that we are at the service of the whole region."
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