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11 Dave Leitao quotes:

"Something has gone off inside of him that has allowed him to increase his aggressiveness while staying out of foul trouble."
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"Enthusiasm in this game is a tremendous thing. We just have to contain and harness our enthusiasm and also understand that it is part of the growth process to know how to handle success just like you can handle failure. That is what good teams do. You don't make an excuse for winning; you just try to win the next game."
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"I believe as a catch and shoot guy he's as good, not only as we've got, but as good as there can be in this league. That's confidence as much as it is repetition."
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"I'm sure over the next few days, like any coach whose season comes to an end, you get reflective. We were able to do some things, but at the same point in time you never want your season to come to an end. I'm disappointed that it is, [but] obviously I think we grew and we learned a lot."
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"We still have too may times where we have to coach through minor issues, which by February you're not supposed to do."
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"His hard work, dedication and leadership gave him and our team many great nights this season."
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"It sparked something both of them have inside them, a desire and more importantly a pride. I think both of them took the game in their hands."
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"I'm no fool. I understand how important guard play is."
"We've got to improve our talent level, we've got to improve our work ethic, we've got to improve a lot of things about the program. ... You have to do it step by step."
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"That woke 'em up. It was a well-timed, great speech by Coach Greenberg. That's what happens when you go on the road. More power to him and more power to them. It really energized them and, from that point on, they were really attacking us."
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"By coming back this, he's really made it worth while and we all need to sit back and admire because it really won't happen for a long time after this."
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