Iyad Allawi Quotes

4 Iyad Allawi quotes:

"Once again, the shedders of innocent blood, the dwarfs who have only known treachery, treason and aggression, have perpetrated a new crime: the assassination of a senior Iraqi diplomat."
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Aggression Quotes
"I don't think it is fair at all that we should shift the focus from the corruption during Saddam's time and from the corruption that prevailed before sovereignty was transferred to the Iraqis to a period of six months when I was prime minister,"
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Corruption Quotes
"This is an escalation that we have been expecting, ... The government of Iraq is determined to confront the enemies."
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Enemies Quotes
"We should not deny this, we should be brave enough to talk about it."
Author: Allawi Quotes Category: Brave Quotes

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