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7 Pat Mitchell quotes:

"We are the public square and we are the place where ideas are supposed to flow freely, ... Postcards from Buster."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"The substitute bus was out on campus and went into Varsity Route service within 10 minutes."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"For the most part, parents are very supportive. We rarely have a problem, and if we do, it is they get too enthusiastic. That is a good problem to have. We very rarely have apathy."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Parents Quotes
"I guess we have to take credit for this whole thing, ... One year for Christmas, Mike asked for a tacky lawn decoration, and I bought him a flamingo. That year he brought it with him to Old Threshers, and that little flamingo became our mascot."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Christmas Quotes
"It has been an unbelievable project even back in the planning stages, ... We actually started the fundraising campaign in October that year and by the annual dinner in December we raised a half million dollars. It was just amazing that it all came together that fast."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Planning Quotes
"It's that time (of the season) anyway. We're down to eight heavy practices for the rest of the season, and we've got to get those guys ready to go."
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"I can only judge her by her words,"
Author: Mitchell Quotes Category: Words Quotes

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