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Jacques Barrot Quotes

6 Jacques Barrot quotes:

"This is a big step in the history of Galileo, ... The program will now truly begin with the launch of this first satellite."
Author: Barrot Quotes Category: History Quotes
"The new rules will make the European Union the first trading bloc in the world to add a full security dimension to all forms of freight transport."
Author: Barrot Quotes Category: Rules Quotes
"There's an agreement on sharing Galileo operational and control centers."
Author: Barrot Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"It would be entirely unfair to the other airlines in the European Union to continue in this fashion because they are respecting the rules,"
Author: Barrot Quotes Category: Fashion Quotes
"European citizens will all be able to consult the blacklist of airlines that do not meet European safety criteria."
Author: Barrot Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"The Greek market is a healthy one and can support one or more airlines,"
Author: Barrot Quotes Category: Support Quotes

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