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Hoshyar Zebari Quotes

13 Hoshyar Zebari quotes:

"They fear Iraq is drifting from the Arabs, being divorced from the Arab world, and the increased influence of another neighboring country. This time, we are seeing some positive moves by the Arab League toward more realization of the situation on Iraq."
Author: Zebari Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"These are new ideas, ... That's why they are not comfortable."
Author: Zebari Quotes Category: Ideas Quotes
"This would cause a humanitarian crisis and provide a foothold for terrorists to launch their evil campaign in our country and beyond our borders."
Author: Zebari Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"Nowhere are the goals of freedom, democracy and progress more at stake, ... We know our clear way forward, but we need your help. We need the help of every member nation and this organization to win this fight. We stick together, or we lose together."
Author: Zebari Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"I think this project of democracy-building in Iraq has alarmed many authoritarian autocratic regimes in the region, ... Many of them are counting on our failure, and they have not been helpful."
Author: Zebari Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"people are saying that Saddam is going to try the occupation, Saddam is going to try the government, but really we are not afraid of that. I don't think that even the US or Britain are afraid of this."
Author: Zebari Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"Make no mistake. We are here to stay, ... We are not temporary or interim leaders. After Saddam's topple, you have to live with these faces, whether you like them or you dislike them."
"to protect the freedoms of the rest of the civilized world."
Author: Zebari Quotes Category: Rest Quotes
"All indications we are getting ... are encouraging and positive for a 'Yes' vote for this constitution. This would be really a major achievement, ... So my guess is, yes, it will be passed."
"We want a good, solid constitution. We don't want to force a deal on any group that they're uncomfortable with."
"We need these forces. It is an Iraqi need, more than an American or coalition need. The consequences would be catastrophic."
"This is democracy, definitely,"
Author: Zebari Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"We reached the final agreement with the Kuwaiti government to resume our diplomatic activities and we will reopen our embassy within the few coming weeks."
Author: Zebari Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes

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