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"the peace process is still alive."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"Our objective is have the agreement implemented. Both sides have obligations and responsibilities, and we expect both sides to carry out those responsibilities and obligations."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"We are certainly at a very delicate moment where there is also a great deal of potential."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Potential Quotes
"We can't have a failure in Iraq, but we also can't be there for the next 10 years because if we are, it's going to become, I think, a failure in and of itself."
"What's important is not meetings for their own sake but results ... that will have a consequence on the security environment."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Environment Quotes
"The work is going very well, and ... I hope and expect that we will conclude an agreement shortly thereafter."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"I think it's always important when you're approaching Middle East peace never to set your hopes too low."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"We're hopeful that we'll see an agreement very soon."
Author: Ross Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"If you are embracing violence, if you insist on maintaining an independent militia, if you reject the idea of coexistence, you are not a partner and we will not deal with you, ... The point is to be very clear; don't try to be overly subtle on this one."
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