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"bring stability to the country."
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"The importance of this big defeat, dramatic defeat is not only that they have lost areas, but they have lost their main fighting force,"
Author: Abdullah Quotes Category: Defeat Quotes
"have lost their main fighting force."
"We will come out of there with an agreement, we shouldn't let this chance to fail once again, and from the other side what we expect from the international community is to also understand the problems that you are dealing with and the problems which we are faced with,"
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"Deepening ties between Tehran and Kabul in the framework of peace, development and stability in the region is one of the Kabul foreign relations priorities."
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"Our preference would be an Afghan force composed of all ethnic groups, of course under the U.N.,"
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"represents the diversity of our society."
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"But if we have to go for a multinational peacekeeping force, we will consider it positively if it is needed, if it is required, in the light of developments, we will consider it positively. There is no dejection for that."
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"formation of a fully represented, broad-based government."
"we have to provide them with agricultural assistance, invest in irrigation, build roads, and provide electric power and assistance in generating non-farm employment in rural areas."
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"The opportunity is there,"

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