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The Jerusalem Quotes

7 The Jerusalem quotes:

"we don't want wars here; we want to live in peace."
Author: Jerusalem Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"The question of Jerusalem has broad implications for the Islamic world, ... If we can reach agreement, that agreement will have to be accepted by Islamic countries... there will be big problems if it is not."
"Life in exile, abroad, in a foreign element ... a premonition of your own book-form fate, of being lost on the shelf among those with whom all you have in common is the first letter of your surname."
Author: Jerusalem Quotes Category: Fate Quotes Element Quotes
"I find the Europeans are much more open and accepting of my kind of music, ... I have more freedom to do what I want here. That's really why I'm here."
Author: Jerusalem Quotes Category: Freedom Quotes Europeans Quotes
"recipe for a major disaster, for violence."
Author: Jerusalem Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"During the operation, mistakenly, other members of his family were killed. IDF regrets this and is investigating the circumstances of the event."
"[Hussein called on all parties involved in the peace process to create an] atmosphere of peace and cooperation. ... sad and tragic event."
Author: Jerusalem Quotes Category: Cooperation Quotes Atmosphere Quotes

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