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"So we can say that an agreement has been made."
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"We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Red Bull Racing to supply them with our F1 engines,"
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"I got the document which was signed by the 11 team principals so we can say that an agreement has been made regarding testing for 2006."
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"The problem was in the piston area, a specific failure in that component. However, sometimes the final problem is the result of a combination of factors. So before saying anything definitive, we need to have some very precise answers."
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"I had a few opportunities at the beginning when he took over Minardi to meet him. I will not miss him."
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"We will go into this season with a great motivation, great humility and also a great determination to get back to the top. We have the team, we have the means and we have the drivers, so there is no excuse not to return to where we were, and this will be our aim."
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"Again, a funny question. I said to you that Rubens is with us until the 31st of December, so does that mean I put Rubens with you in Istanbul not doing something and just for the pleasure of having him? No, he will drive and honestly he is doing a very good job. He's very motivated, very dedicated. We have been very fair to him and I'm expecting him to be very fair to Ferrari."
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"We are working hard for the future and will try to leave 2005 as a bad year in the whole period and start with a good year again in 2006."
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"The successes we have enjoyed have not been down to three people. It is also true that each history has an end."
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"Honestly, I think the most we can hope for is to get our cars home in the points."
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"In the past years, we have developed the nice tradition of winning races on a new track, but today that run has come to an end. I am very disappointed, especially for the large number of Ferrari fans we could see in the grandstands at this great facility. We must get back to work immediately, along with our partner Bridgestone, to analyse the situation. Our aim is to be as well prepared as possible for the race in Monza and those that follow in what has turned out to be a particularly tough season."
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"This was a chaotic and confusing race. We hoped to exploit the unusual weather conditions but this year, it seems that even the luck that can be a fundamental part of motor racing will not come our way. Maybe we have had too much of it in the past few years, but I hope we can now get back in credit on this score as quickly as possible. At the start of the race, Michael was a front runner, while Rubens who had started from further back, was struggling a bit. When the Safety Car came, out we tried to gamble on dry tyres on Michael's car, but very quickly, he realised the car was impossible to drive in these conditions. So another stop was needed to go back to rain tyres, but Michael's race lasted just one more lap, when he was hit by Sato in the braking area for La Source. This meant all our hopes rested with Rubens, who had moved into the points by this stage. His race was going normally, but when his rain tyres began to go off significantly, he had to pit again to fit dry ones with just a few laps remaining. The time he lost doing this and in getting the dry tyres up to temperature cost him fourth place."
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"We will try to do a better job by trying to do the best as possible, as we always did but that simply, we did not achieve in 2005."
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"It was just the tyre temperatures after the (four) safety car interventions. We didn't have enough temperature. With this kind of tyre, we need to have much more temperature. We lose grip. Without temperature we don't have grip, we don't have the right pressure."
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"It was a disappointing qualifying session. The result does not reflect out potential, but we have to accept what happen."
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"Michael is normally quite cool, but the way he reacted is quite significant, ... He missed an opportunity, and we know that we haven't had so many opportunities this year."
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