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"Should the accusations be accurate, I would be forced to draw serious consequences,"
"We have been discovering, for example, people who have been living in a legal way in Italy. In some cases they have Italian citizenship through marriage. They were not doing anything strange in Italy, but they were preparing for attacks abroad."
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"We are trying to verify the reliability of the claims. It's being conducted in an in-depth fashion. ... We remain cautious."
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"I have taken note of (Marty's) serious, interim conclusion that it is highly unlikely that European governments, or at least their intelligence services, were unaware of rendition. It is now for the member states of the Council of Europe to clarify their position."
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"serious consequences, including the suspension of the right to vote in the Council."
"This agreement is a victory for democracy, a victory for our EU citizens, and a victory for the fundamental rights."
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"I would be obliged to propose to the council [of EU ministers] serious consequences, including the suspension of voting rights in the council,"
"I have read a report on U.S. data protection laws, and I assure you that there is no risk of abuse of personal data in it."
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