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Linda Lingle Quotes

9 Linda Lingle quotes:

"I think they are all possibilities. I can't gauge their likelihood right now because the law hasn't gone into effect yet, ... I think it has to go into effect on Sept. 1 and it has to remain in effect so we can see what those impacts are."
Author: Lingle Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"I am excited about this unique conference that will bring together women leaders from around the world to network, motivate each other, provide insight into their fields of expertise, and share their inspirational stories of success."
"I'm not an education expert, and frankly I don't want to make education decisions for our state. But I am experienced at successfully managing organizations, and putting people on a path where they can succeed."
Author: Lingle Quotes Category: Education Quotes
"Agreement has been reached with the administration regarding the four policy concerns they raised about the bill."
Author: Lingle Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"That's a ridiculous claim and a ridiculous argument,"
Author: Lingle Quotes Category: Argument Quotes
"This is an exciting project. Even though I can't afford one of these units, I can still appreciate the beauty that you're putting into this project."
Author: Lingle Quotes Category: Beauty Quotes
"we dodged a legal bullet, and this bullet is aimed at the heart of the programs that benefit the Hawaiian people and thereby bring benefits to the state of Hawaii."
Author: Lingle Quotes Category: Heart Quotes
"But before looking to the future, let's glance back at the road we've traveled these past two years because that is the source of much of the optimism we are all feeling about the future."
Author: Lingle Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"I think the governors right now are learning a tough lesson...I think you realize quickly that it's a combination of doing things in a more efficient manner, making sure you are maximizing the money you are getting from Washington."
Author: Lingle Quotes Category: Learning Quotes

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