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27 George Robertson quotes:

"NATO is prepared to consider such changes if it will not create a vacuum or lead to new fighting, and is part of a settlement to the problems in the region, ... Premature changes, however, carry the risk of only making matters worse."
"I condemn the cowardly acts of the extremists and my message is simple: the violence must end and their tactics will not be successful."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"That said, ... I would urge you to ensure the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia's security forces show restraint and fully abide by the military technical agreement provisions."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"considering the depth of anger."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Anger Quotes
"We are focusing entirely on the defense of Turkey in the circumstances where that ally believes it is under threat and NATO as a collective security alliance with obligations that go along with that. (But) we're not part of any decision-making process that is tied to the United Nations."
"create a new and substantial basis for progress in the dialogue and cooperation between Moscow and NATO."
"We are determined to starve this limited group of extremists of the means"
"We did the right thing, we did the only thing. We stopped a great evil,"
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Evil Quotes
"Together, the countries that spent four decades glowering at each other across the wall of hatred and fear now have the opportunity to transform Euro-Atlantic security for the better."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"Together, the countries that spent four decades glowering at each other across the wall of hatred and fear now have the opportunity to transform Euro-Atlantic security for the better,"
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Fear Quotes
"Today was multilateralism in practice and working,"
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"We stand shoulder to shoulder in a new kind of struggle and a struggle that we have to win,"
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"I see this as a kick-starting of the process of cooperation which is vitally important for both East and West in the Euro-Atlantic area just now,"
"When people ask us what damage did we do to the Serb troops, the answer to that is 'enough.' We did enough damage inside Kosovo, and inside the federal republic of Yugoslavia, to get Milosevic to capitulate and to get Milosevic to adhere to the objectives and the demands that we set out,"
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: People Quotes
"[Describing the rebels as] a bunch of murderous thugs ... A downward spiral of violence into another Balkans bloodbath would produce only misery."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"It's a genuine trans-Atlantic partnership, a genuine trans-Atlantic forum where people argue and talk and debate, as you would expect in 19 democracies, and it is about collective security and collective defense, ... American Morning With Paula Zahn."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Debate Quotes
"It opens the way to a peaceful and lasting solution to the crisis affecting this country."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"The strength of feeling that is on display in Beijing is understandable, but the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was an acknowledged mistake, and one that is deeply regretted,"
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"Our meeting today sends a clear signal that we remain determined to bring peace and stability to the entire Balkans region."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Peace Quotes
"I congratulate the government and the parliamentarians for their vision and courage in voting for this law."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Courage Quotes

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