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"The strength of feeling that is on display in Beijing is understandable, but the bombing of the Chinese Embassy in Belgrade was an acknowledged mistake, and one that is deeply regretted, ... But it is important however to recall why we are engaged in this mission and why we had to reluctantly take action."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Strength Quotes
"We stand shoulder to shoulder in a new kind of struggle and a struggle that we have to win,"
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Struggle Quotes
"That said, ... I would urge you to ensure the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia's security forces show restraint and fully abide by the military technical agreement provisions."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"We're dealing from the U.N. process, which generally NATO supports. We're dealing from any further steps towards any potential military conflict,"
"Today was multilateralism in practice and working,"
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Practice Quotes
"When people ask us what damage did we do to the Serb troops, the answer to that is 'enough.' We did enough damage inside Kosovo, and inside the federal republic of Yugoslavia, to get Milosevic to capitulate and to get Milosevic to adhere to the objectives and the demands that we set out,"
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Our meeting today sends a clear signal that we remain determined to bring peace and stability to the entire Balkans region."
Author: Robertson Quotes Category: Peace Quotes

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