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"I had made an agreement when we signed him that if he got a chance to be a starter that I would help to make that happen, and a deal's a deal,"
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"It is good to know that he is heading in the right direction, and we can focus on what we need to focus on,"
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"It's a clear example of ... when the fire is burning a little brighter for one team."
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"We had a good practice. I was pleased. The enthusiasm and execution were pretty good."
"That was very distasteful to me, to retaliate so to speak like that (against the Vikings). I do believe the commissioner should look into these kind of clauses. We work so hard on trying to gain labor peace and a new collective bargaining agreement and then we as clubs allow agents to get cute and circumvent it. On the playing field there are rules and there are unwritten rules about how the game should be played in the spirit and the fairness of it all. It doesn't make sense to me that we had to lose such a fine football player this way. I was surprised by the ruling."
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"As he explained to me exactly what happened, I believe I understand what happened. At that point I have made the decision that he will play in the football game."
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"I'm a tremendous believer now. It's about as much like grass as you can have a synthetic surface be. I really think the right decision was made. This is great for everyone. Players love it, and I think this surface will offer a better product on the field for fans."
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"We're dealing with young people. I used to lecture my children all the time, too."
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"I had a conversation with the league, and there were mistakes that were made, which we felt at the time."
"Some of those were by design, ... Some of this stuff, the stars lined up and it allowed us to do this stuff."
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"We were careless with the football, and we made too many mistakes. And when you play a good team like the Steelers, that's not a good combination."
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"He's a wonderful young man and a great football player -- let me say those things first,"
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"It's like, OK, we're playing the game and those guys are upstairs doing whatever they are doing,"
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"If you are hurt and can't play or practice, and then the other guys come in and make a case for themselves, you've got to look at that. Before we make any decisions there, we've got to find out what they say in Alabama."
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"Darrell was very much ready to play this football game. He came up big today."
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"He is a lifelong football personnel man. Personnel people, they have a passion for it. They want to help the head coach. They want to give him the best players they can give him. And it creates a real healthy trust and working relationship. Bob's first love, as you know, was basketball. And he was taking on a lot of jobs. It's different now, because Tim is a lifelong football guy. We have a good relationship."
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"He is as hard of a working lineman as I've been around. Offensive linemen are usually that way, but he kind of goes over the edge in his work ethic. He is tremendously strong, very bright and he really wants it every play, every down. His ability to focus in is really very amazing."
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"It would be an understatement to say I'm not happy about this."
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"Our trainers thought it would be good to give him a rest throwing the ball today."
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"I pretty much made up my mind. If I kicked it right now, without running a play, (Brown) would make this kick. I've done it before. You take a chance on a pass and goofy stuff happens. I was not going to take that chance there."
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