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"Those changes basically extend the agreement to the community schools teachers, who are in a separate union, and to some teachers who are eligible to retire."
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"My great curiosity is how the union will respond to this. I think the fact finder has sent a very strong message with regard to health insurance. I wonder whether the teachers will see it that way or not."
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"One of the things I heard when I got here was that we educate our children so well that they go someplace else to be successful. That's a challenge our whole community has to work on, to have them be successful back here."
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"We talked about concerns that they are hearing from their people and friends and neighbors."
"We added free lunch last year. We hope to expand that next summer by promoting it more. It doesn't have to be summer school kids (who attend)."
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"We all remember the tortoise and the hare. The tortoise won the race, but the hare didn't keep the same schedule."
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"Another very significant program that was enabled by the school building changes was the fifth grade band program. All students at Norrie and at All Saints Academy take band, they have to try an instrument."
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"The final, irrevocable letter of retirement has to be done by April 1."
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"The goal here is that we're going to get out of deficit, as the law requires. This has the support staff doing their part."
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