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8 Mark Murphy quotes:

"I'm really pleased that we were able to reach an agreement with Randy on a contract extension. I have tremendous respect for the way he runs the program."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"[A shortage of skilled workers] can stop growth or even shrink a company. Especially as we move out of a product-based economy and into a knowledge-based one, finding people who have the skills to do what your company does is about the only competitive advantage you can have anymore."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"BA is great for parental support and the community."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Community Quotes
"We met a lot of friends since our kids came here."
"Our hopes might not be what God has planned for Matthew, and we have accepted that. The worst case scenario is that my son will get to see God before I do."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: God Quotes
"That's our responsibility -- make sure the kids don't get their heads down."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Kids Quotes
"To beat Taittinger is a real coup. You don't have to pay sky high prices to enjoy quality champagne."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Quality Quotes
"We were on prayer lists (at area churches) and we also prayed a lot - we believe that helped."
Author: Murphy Quotes Category: Prayer Quotes

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