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62 Mason Cooley quotes:

"Preserving tradition has become a nice hobby, like stamp collecting."
"The doctrine of the immortality of the soul has more threat than comfort."
"The laughter of the aphorism is sometimes triumphant, but seldom carefree."
"The wisdom of age: don't stop walking"
"magic lives in curves, not angles"
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"Great talkers are trying to fill the gap between themselves and others, but only widen it"
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"Friends are sometimes boring, but enemies never."
"My passions have never jumped out of the fireplace and set fire to the carpet."
"Orgasm: the genitals sneezing."
"Romance is tempestuous. Love is calm."
"Think carefully before asking for justice. Mercy might be safer."
"Reality is the name we give to our disappointments."
"The educated do not share a common body of information, but a common state of mind"
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"Money is to my social existence what health is to my body."
"The routines of tourism are even more monotonous than those of daily life."
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"Travelers never think that they are the foreigners."
"Flattery and insults raise the same question: What do you want?"
"Magic trick: to make people disappear, ask them to fulfill their promises."
"Many gloat over their own troubles."
"Old and young disbelieve one another's truths."

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