Larry Phillips Quotes

5 Larry Phillips quotes:

"While I appreciate the promise, it's not a contractual agreement yet. The fact of the matter is until that's enforced by contract and also a significant change by the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration], and our operations at Boeing Field, it doesn't mean very much."
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"It was not that long ago that people couldn't swim in Lake Washington. The regional cooperation that helped clean up Lake Washington now faces the challenge of protecting the Puget Sound and the streams, rivers and lakes of this region,"
"The passage of this ordinance is a victory for all people living in King County, because it recognizes that 'equal treatment under the law' is a basic right for every citizen."
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"We just didn't have the technology. It's a very unfortunate situation."
"We'll work on it. We're going to try to get our numbers back up next semester."
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