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"It's an agreement in principle so we have to write all the details. We're really happy with the results of the settlement - but according to my legal counsel, that's all I'm allowed to tell you."
Author: Ursetta Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"Now is when the hard work begins, making sure it is implemented fairly and equitably."
Author: Ursetta Quotes Category: Hard Work Quotes
"We have fewer teachers and less resources, and we've been ordered to do the same jobs with higher accountability."
Author: Ursetta Quotes Category: Jobs Quotes
"It's a good test. We have a problem with how it's being used. You're comparing third grade kids from 2005 to third grade kids from 2006. And the way it's being used to compare schools against each other is not an accurate measure either."
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"That's something Carla really values. ... She's really into making sure the kids are able to identify with what they're learning."
Author: Ursetta Quotes Category: Kids Quotes

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