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Bob Parsons Quotes

6 Bob Parsons quotes:

"As the world's largest domain name provider, responsible for more than 11 million domain names, Go Daddy feels an obligation to protect our customers and represent their interests. It's an obligation we share with lawmakers and federal officials, so it is important that we be in Washington, as a base of Internet knowledge for Capitol Hill, the Executive Branch and Federal Regulators."
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"Go Daddy(R) gives money away all the time. We do it with contests on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. A happy employee is a productive employee, no doubt about it. Giving more than people expect is one of my favorite parts of the job."
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"I've received dozens of requests from media outlets wanting to see the rejected commercials. GoDaddy.com has nothing to hide. In fact, I think when you see our commercials many of you will wonder what all the fuss was about. You decide. Take a look and let us know if our ideas, the commercials we produced and the concepts that were rejected are really too much for America's Super Bowl audience."
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"Everyone should have control of their own name on the Internet. Why not give a gift that is affordable, personal and can be used in so many ways?"
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"Our customers are finding Ruby on Rails to be incredibly valuable in shaping their online presence. We are pleased to be able to offer support for a framework that increases the utility of the sites we host."
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"The proposed agreement is a bad deal for our customers and the Internet community as a whole. We will fight to convince the ICANN Board of Directors not to accept it."
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