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Randi Weingarten Quotes

8 Randi Weingarten quotes:

"It is my hope that with this agreement, we can put the bitterness of the last few years behind us and work together to provide the highest quality education for our students,"
"We did agree to have more time for tutoring for struggling students, but the logistics problems arise by the school system attempting to put together a one-size-fits-all program."
"You serve the most vulnerable of our children, and you get exploited more than any workers I know."
"The agreement recognizes our educators' hard work and the outstanding results they have achieved with their students,"
"Those who knew Sandy well knew just how hard she worked and how much she personally sacrificed so others would have social justice and economic opportunity. She was a giant and will be hugely missed."
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"In a lot of places, [teachers union] chapter leaders, principals and schools have worked together to get it resolved."
"When we saw this situation last year we said 'let us take the risk of unionizing them,' and we now have 6,000 of the 30,000 who've signed cards and say they want to be represented."
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"We have guidance counselors that have caseloads of 500 to 600 children. We don't have enough to help the children."

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