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Richard Shoemaker Quotes

7 Richard Shoemaker quotes:

"No one can have a tentative agreement without us being a part of it,"
"I've been the one who's been at the table. We don't have a tentative agreement."
"If the court rejects our agreement and Delphi imposes its last proposal, it will probably be impossible to avoid a long strike."
"Whether it be in the trade union movement or the captains of industry, the vision that we have for America ought to be for a better America."
Author: Shoemaker Quotes Category: America Quotes
"This situation in Flint is a dramatic example of GM's 'America last' strategy, in which the corporation is attempting to radically downsize its American work force in favor of exploiting less-than-poverty level wages in other countries,"
Author: Shoemaker Quotes Category: America Quotes
"The parties have made progress but there are still significant issues that have to be resolved,"
Author: Shoemaker Quotes Category: Progress Quotes
"If you don't have a spouse that has health insurance or is covered some other way, you need to think long and hard about taking the buyout. You can go through $140,000 with amazing quickness."
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