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Kofi Annan Quotes

108 Kofi Annan quotes:

"If the trial does not go forward as planned, (the U.N. Security Council) may revert to an international tribunal, ... It is essential that those who committed the atrocities be brought to justice."
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"It is vitally important that the security of all involved with the tribunal should be equally assured to ensure a trial free from intimidation and coercion,"
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Security Quotes
"You've heard the phrase it's a race against time. Indeed we are. In the next few weeks the snow will come, it will get extremely cold and there are some people in the open without shelter and we really need to get assistance to them. We need the support of governments, the private citizens, private sector and anyone who can spare a euro, a pound or a dollar."
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Race Quotes
"Responsibility for what went wrong with the program cannot be laid exclusively at the door of the [UN] Secretariat,"
"Usually, because society's inequalities puts them at risk -- unjust, unconscionable risk."
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Risk Quotes
"As chief administrative officer, I have to take responsibility for the failings revealed."
"the urgency of breaking the cycle of violence."
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"Both parties accept this vision. But we can reach it only if we move rapidly and in parallel on all fronts. The so-called 'sequential' approach has failed,"
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Vision Quotes
"By signing the Oslo accords in 1993 he took a giant step towards the realization of this vision. It is tragic that he did not live to see it fulfilled,"
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Vision Quotes
"[The council reached an understanding and] unanimously supports the approach which has been adopted, ... there was a sense that since these five countries have experts in the nuclear and other areas, they could help the inspectors sift through what needs to be taken up and give their judgments to the inspectors."
"I thank you for your efforts, especially in calling for an end to agricultural subsidies and trade barriers that actually impoverish African farmers and producers,"
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"All is not well. Science tells us that if we do not take the right action now, climate change will bring havoc, even within our lifetime,"
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"Notwithstanding the embargo, Cuba's achievements in social development are impressive given the size of its gross domestic product per capita, ... As the human development index of the United Nations makes clear year after year, Cuba should be the envy of many other nations ostensibly far richer."
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Achievement Quotes
"No one is born a good citizen; no nation is born a democracy. Rather, both are processes that continue to evolve over a lifetime. Young people must be included from birth. A society that cuts off from its youth severs its lifeline."
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Citizenship Quotes
"AIDS is wreaking havoc on childhood,"
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Childhood Quotes
"These robust, versatile machines will enable children to become more active in their own learning,"
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"We need to think of the future and the planet we are going to leave to our children and their children."
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"What's needed now is not more declarations or promises, but action, ... I believe my report provides a clear program of action."
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"I am thankful that the resolution passed tonight, ... I hope we will move ahead with urgent and determined action to help the Liberian people."
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Action Quotes
"So far, donors have made firm commitments for only 12 percent, 37 million dollars, of the UN requirements under the flash appeal of 312 million,"
Author: Annan Quotes Category: Commitment Quotes

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