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"I think it's pretty obvious to most people that Napster is not media specific, but I could see a system like Napster evolving into something that allows users to locate and retrieve different types of data other than just MP3s or audio files."
"I think the most difficult thing had been scaling the infrastructure. Trying to support the response we had received from our users and the number of people that were interested in using the software."
"I wasn't really sure that my implementation of it would be what really took off, but fortunately I was able to get a prototype done."
"We're close to moving into a new phase of Napster and this agreement is an important step along the way."
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"Nobody has ever built a reliable peer-to-peer service, where people can really access all the music they want in one location, ... Once I got it into my head, I couldn't imagine the media space without one."
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