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"Where human rights and freedoms flourish, terrorists and tyrants do not thrive and conflict and chaos do not reign."
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"It was provided in good faith to the inspectors and our agency received it in good faith, not participating ... in any way in any falsification activities."
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"be dictated by any fear on our part."
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"We should have no fear that in any way are we going to lower the standards of the U.S. Army,"
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"I'm not aware that the Saudi family is under such great pressure from the population for us to leave,"
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"When in due course we learn the fate of Saddam Hussein, I wouldn't expect that, in and of itself, to solve the security problem,"
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"I believe we did our job, and I believe we did it well,"
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"We are sensitive about Ramadan beginning in mid-November, ... But we cannot make that the sole determining factor behind what we do militarily."
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"commitment to bring this to an end as quick as he can."
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"I was pleased at the chancellor's commitment to move as quickly as we can to lift sanctions entirely so that we can begin to have the flow of oil, which will generate revenue that will benefit the Iraqi people,"
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"I can assure you that President Bush understands the commitment and obligations that we have made to our NATO allies and to the people in the region, ... This will be done carefully, it will be done as a part of an overall review of all of our commitments overseas"
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"If the situation remains calm, I would not expect any large commitment of forces,"
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"When people come together, go to each other's country, and watch a conflict being played out on the field of sport, as opposed to the field of battle... then why can't that same spirit, that same philosophy, infect other aspects of relations?"
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"the rush toward conflict has slowed a bit."
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"We looked away once before in Rwanda with tragic consequences. This is not Rwanda, nor is it Somalia, ... It is a different situation."
"improper, inappropriate and would have consequences."
"Congress has in place certain restrictions on what we can do with the Indonesians, so we will approach the new Indonesian Government with an attitude of helpfulness but also an attitude of caution and only provide those things that are consistent with our laws,"
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"it might have been better for members of Congress who have heard these stories to ask us about the stories before going public with them so we don't make a difficult situation that much more difficult."
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"In our conversation today, most of the time was spent not on esoteric subjects but practical aspects of security: how to arrange for the transfer of responsibility for Gaza, the details of the transfer, what are the outstanding issues that have to be dealt with before we can go forward with this transfer,"
"In every conversation I've ever had with [Israeli] Prime Minister [Ariel] Sharon, we've talked about security, and we've also talked about the peace process, ... Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer."

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