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"They [terrorists] are criminals, they are murderers and they have to be dealt with and brought to justice. There was a basic understanding of that context among the ministers."
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"There was a lot of additional information that was very solid and substantiated that I didn't use because I didn't have time to use it all, and anything that we weren't totally comfortable with, we didn't use."
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"Since we have no intention of ratifying it, it is appropriate for us, because we have such serious problems with the ICC, to notify the ... secretary-general that we do not intend to ratify it and therefore we are no longer bound in any way to its purpose and objective, ... This Week."
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"It has always been my intention that I would serve one term."
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"America's international counter-terrorism capability is strong, ... At all levels of government, we meet regularly, train together, share information, and use our resources as force multipliers."
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"Never underestimate the power of a dictator, ... pretty much removed his [Hussein's] stings."
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"There are ways to talk about security, and there are ways to talk about intent, but they'll include a pact that will require some form of Senate confirmation or some form of legislative procedure,"
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"It is very disturbing that the cycle of violence continues to go upward."
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"encouraging both of them to do everything they can to reduce the level of violence."
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"We want to see us get back to a situation where the Indian army is no longer mobilized, they've moved back to their original positions,"
"Now we need to see action."
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"the rush toward conflict has slowed a bit."
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"In every conversation I've ever had with [Israeli] Prime Minister [Ariel] Sharon, we've talked about security, and we've also talked about the peace process, ... Late Edition With Wolf Blitzer."
"And how jihad has to be practiced in the context of helping people: education, health care, taking care of people."
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"We believe it is our responsibility to create a missile defense that protects the United States, our allies and friends, all against the threat of missile proliferation that can deliver weapons of mass destruction to any of our countries, ... We should use all available instruments to deter and defend against that threat. We are committed to close allied consultations to address these issues together prior to deciding on specific technologies or architecture."
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"We want the humanitarian workers and other workers in Iraq -- reconstruction workers and others -- to have a safe environment,"
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"We have a humanitarian catastrophe and a security crisis, ... It was a moving experience."
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"There is no debate in New York among the Security Council members about the fact that Saddam Hussein has violated these resolutions,"
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"Now whatever you call it, it's a catastrophe, people are dying at an increasing rate and we can debate what it should be called and should not be called, but that's not the real issue,"
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"That's not the point. In this job ... the issue is not to win or lose a particular debate. The issue is to make sure that the president gets the very best information he can get, honestly, in order to make decisions for the American people."
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