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5 Ed Black quotes:

"Without a doubt she's a scorer. Without her we would have been scoring-challenged. We would have had a hard time getting points."
Author: Black Quotes Category: Doubt Quotes
"No one has actually seen every letter of this agreement, which of course makes it very dangerous because the devil is in the details, and the specifics of how you define words is tremendously critical."
Author: Black Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"They're better able to articulate their strategy than in the past, and the new management talent has contributed to that capability. But there are still some real competitive issues, especially in the computer systems division, where they're facing declining market share. Sun has always been competitive, but we're also seeing a revitalized IBM in the server space. But as long as HP can get its strategy right, then we should see a recovery as things progress."
Author: Black Quotes Category: Management Quotes
"I don't put much on it, period. I'm happy we won because we get a share of the league title, but it's not a matter of beating Teaneck. It's a matter of getting better."
Author: Black Quotes Category: Happiness Quotes
"I have not found anybody in the private sector that does not understand the value of encryption without hidden keys and vulnerabilities without hidden access."
Author: Black Quotes Category: Value Quotes

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