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David Bergmann Quotes

6 David Bergmann quotes:

"If Progressive Nursing is a nurse-staffing service, she might be able to do this. If it is a bona fide employer-employee relationship that cannot be structured as a self-employment relationship and it has no employer-sponsored retirement plan, then she is stuck using IRAs and savings vehicles."
Author: Bergmann Quotes Category: Service Quotes
"Failure to sign the return is a big one."
Author: Bergmann Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"Believe it or not, failure to include W-2s is another big one."
Author: Bergmann Quotes Category: Failure Quotes
"I don't pay a health and safety fee to restaurants. If they want to raise the price of the meal, that's fine. But customers shouldn't order something and not know what is going into the bill."
Author: Bergmann Quotes Category: Health Quotes
"With a twenty-year horizon until retirement, she could invest in a rental property with a 15-year mortgage, which provides deductions. She would own the rental property outright around the time of her retirement. Then she would have two properties at retirement, giving her rental income without mortgage payment obligations."
"There is usually an agreement between the person and the trustee that this will happen. But you certainly don't want it written down."
Author: Bergmann Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes

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