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Ted Saskin Quotes

6 Ted Saskin quotes:

"I believe the positive momentum should continue and players should receive a return of a significant portion of the escrow dollars."
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"If they want to make general managers powerless to set a budget and decide what they want to do, and just have a budget set in New York that is supposed to apply to Toronto, Nashville etc., that's not going to fly with the players, ... I know that's not a recipe for a solution."
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"It's obviously going to be a fantastic showcase of hockey communities and the hockey culture here in Canada. The history of the league and the game itself was built by players from communities throughout Canada."
Author: Saskin Quotes Category: Canada Quotes
"To date, the NHL has not given us any signal that they're prepared to negotiate a compromise."
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"Bill knows that the concepts they discussed with us on Thursday would not form the basis for an agreement, so he should not be surprised that he hasn't heard from us. We were very clear on Thursday that we would not be negotiating over his proposed concepts."
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"We will continue to evaluate the current program before deciding whether or not any changes are required."

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