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Steve MacFarlane Quotes

7 Steve MacFarlane quotes:

"If they can find mechanics willing to work under the terms that Northwest wanted to pay, more power to them. We refuse to work under those conditions and we are prepared to walk away and start our lives somewhere else."
Author: MacFarlane Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"We all know that at some point an agreement must be reached. We also know that any tentative agreement is going to be extreme by any measure."
"Northwest is doing absolutely nothing to indicate they want an agreement."
"Our negotiations with Northwest Airlines have ended and a tentative agreement has not been reached."
"What really matters is whether the other unions at Northwest will support us. And that remains to be seen. At this stage of the game it's pretty standard for everyone to remain silent and see if a strike occurs."
Author: MacFarlane Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"Obviously, we would have like their support. Once Northwest is done with us they're going to go after them."
Author: MacFarlane Quotes Category: Support Quotes
"Clearly Northwest Airlines would prefer a strike over an agreement, and it looks like they're probably going to get their wish."

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