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"Whatever happens (Monday), whether there is a signing, whether there is a partial signing of pieces of the agreement that the parties are prepared to put their names to at this point or whether there is no signing at all, we will be still experiencing tomorrow another step in the process,"
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"My hunch is, we're watching a bureaucratic slow-roll take place, but the danger is it's happening as the situation on the ground is getting worse. The administration has been in this knot of having called the situation genocide but then failing to do anything."
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"That arc of conflict has created a sort of regional super failed-state that terrorists and criminals have used to base their operations and to exploit the very precious diamond resources there."
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"This is a crucial time for her. There is a window of opportunity in this post-conflict era to demonstrate to the people who elected her that democracy can put bread on the table. ... If she can't deliver from here, she'll be off to a bad start."
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"He is focused; he is totally focused on this preparation and on this debate, ... It is an opportunity for the American people to see that he is a strong, smart, tough leader."
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