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James Comey Quotes

7 James Comey quotes:

"These charges demonstrate the joint resolve of the Department of Justice and the government of Colombia to dismantle narcotics trafficking organizations in Colombia,"
Author: Comey Quotes Category: Government Quotes
"no one is above the law, that no scheme is too complex or too fancy to be beyond the long arm of the law."
Author: Comey Quotes Category: Law Quotes
"This indictment marks an important milestone in the life of the president's Corporate Fraud Task Force,"
Author: Comey Quotes Category: Force Quotes
"The defendants cooked the books by simply keeping them open beyond the end of a fiscal quarter for however long it took to meet the analysts earning estimates,"
"If AOL fails to comply with the agreement, the deal is off and they are in a world of trouble,"
Author: Comey Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"That's a power that regular criminal investigators have had for hundreds of years. It now applies to counterterrorism investigators. They have to go to a judge and get a court order to obtain the records."
Author: Comey Quotes Category: Power Quotes
"We never confirm or deny the existence of any investigation."
Author: Comey Quotes Category: Existence Quotes

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