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"Everyone's watching the agreement Yum has with the coalition, and it seems to be working well. But the concern is that down the road, if there are additional wages that will end up making Florida farms the higher-cost alternative, and they'll be undercut by other states or Mexico, since most farms don't have these agreements."
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"If someone said 'corporate social responsibility' five years ago, no one would have known what it meant. Today it is a top priority for a large corporation that has a reputation to watch over. But we can't go out and achieve everything that everyone wants on the first day."
"Artificially adding a penny a pound to whatever goes into a salad and a sandwich is good for corporate relations. But all it takes is for a larger buyer to say this program is costing us too much money and we can buy from somewhere else."
"We're hopeful this turns into something that becomes a standard for performance in terms of how you treat your workers and train them. For businesses making decisions, we don't want Florida farms left out because of labor practices."
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"Growers may face having to make their jobs more attractive by offering higher wage rates."
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