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13 Greg Johnson quotes:

"Yeah, it's done. I'm ecstatic. I'm relieved, happy and thankful that all parties came to an agreement."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Agreement Quotes
"There is an elevated avalanche danger, and it's going to stay that way for a little while."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Danger Quotes
"We wanted to provide them with the greatest encouragement, that the city of Indian Wells and PM Sports are working together, ... And we reached terms so they can feel confident coming in, that this is a good deal for them. We set the stage for it to be a good deal economically."
"What's unique about suggesting that grasshoppers are carriers is they are herbivores. They don't feed on blood."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Blood Quotes
"They still don't communicate as well with each other as I'd like. Both of them do the same thing at times and (get confused) on which one should go do what."
"After not scoring (Wednesday) night and responding like that, it gives us a little confidence before this long road trip. I'd like to see us take the focus off scoreboard watching and standings watching. We've got to get our game going."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Confidence Quotes
"Let him go, it's only fair. If they're not going to pay what we feel is fair-market value, he should be allowed to go somewhere where he could maybe get it."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Value Quotes
"When a threat of such a nature is leveled against anyone, especially on state property, you should expect the state police to come investigate."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Nature Quotes
"I'm concerned with maintenance and safety, ... I'm more concerned about safety than how fast a horse is going. We're not losing race dates here. There's no problem with our surface."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Safety Quotes
"The NAACP wants to see that justice is done — if this an individual or group of individuals carrying out these hate crimes. We want these individuals identified."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"We are shopping Eric. Obviously, we would much rather have Eric released. But if we can work out a trade, we will. But if not, we're back to Square 1 and Eric won't play for the Bills. He doesn't want to play for them, and he will not play for them."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Trade Quotes
"With the addition of Lisa to the team we continue to build our knowledge regarding how consumers think and make purchase decisions."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Knowledge Quotes
"The parents should have been notified. I was never notified, and that concerns me."
Author: Johnson Quotes Category: Parents Quotes

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