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24 Li Zhaoxing quotes:

"Both agreed that the agreement signed in Beijing by the six parties was the binding text for parties, including on the question of light-water reactors."
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"The position of the U.N. ... must be strengthened so that it can perform its duty of safeguarding peace in a more effective way,"
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"We want peaceful development, ... Stability and security of one country cannot be built on turbulence or crisis of another."
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"The Unites States is the largest developed country. Canada enjoys a flourishing economy and advanced technology. Mexico is an important developing country. China attaches great importance to the friendly cooperation with the three countries,"
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"I believe the visit will deepen bilateral cooperation in various fields and upgrade the China-Canada comprehensive partnership to a new level."
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"By holding transparent talks, we can find a way that Japan can accept. We want to deepen exchanges and communication with Japan,"
"Any practice of putting Taiwan directly or indirectly into the scope of Japan-U.S. security cooperation constitutes an encroachment on China's sovereignty and interference in internal affairs,"
"Only through international cooperation can we effectively address the common security problems facing all countries."
"China is an active participant in and staunch supporter for the regional cooperation in Asia,"
"deepen bilateral cooperation in various fields and upgrade the all-round partnership of cooperation to a new level."
"comprehensive partnership of cooperation."
"China is concerned about and supports the construction of the AU, and attaches importance to increasing exchanges and cooperation with the AU,"
"Under such circumstances, it's inappropriate for the council to pre-judge the outcome of the investigation and to threaten to impose sanctions. It does not help."
"We hope that new progress will be made in the future under the framework of the six-party talks, although we know that there would be inevitable difficulties,"
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"However, we will not repeat the past bitter history of turbulence and instability in the world resulted from the rise of a big power, but seek a road that a new rising nation has never taken,"
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"We will carefully consider the proposal. We hope both sides address the issue in a positive manner."
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"We are not in favor of the use of force, we think the U.N. Resolution [1441] should be implemented while handling this case and also taking into account the views of people all over the world."
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"[The United Nations should] undergo reforms as may be necessary and reasonable, giving, in particular, scope to the rational demands and concerns of developing countries to the biggest extent possible, ... peace, development and cooperation."
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"The Chinese government has never done anything that wronged the Japanese people,"
"China-US relations have, on the whole, maintained stability and growth. Dialogues and exchanges at the various levels have improved mutual understanding and mutual trust,"
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