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8 Sandy Berger quotes:

"Is there corruption in the Mexican system? ... I think that President [Ernesto] Zedillo would be the first to acknowledge that there is."
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"We're certainly not going to impose ourselves in a situation where one of the parties does not believe that's the right course of action,"
Author: Berger Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"We believe that Pope's conviction was unjustifiable and wrong,"
Author: Berger Quotes Category: Conviction Quotes Pope Quotes
"We are receiving extraordinary cooperation from the government of Yemen,"
Author: Berger Quotes Category: Cooperation Quotes
"Given the increasingly competitive global marketplace, successful companies require a sophisticated and up-to-date understanding of trends and events, their likely impact and the choices they face. We provide that essential perspective and the ability to help shape and execute results-oriented strategies."
"Sure, after Bush took office, the Administration could have acted upon the intelligence provided by Able Danger, but if the information was buried, then they probably weren't even aware of it."
"This is an unfinished business. This is a part of the old chapter in our relationship that we cannot close."
"Saddam Hussein can't dictate who the inspectors are. It's like the bank robber saying he gets to choose the police."
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