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A. Bush Quotes

16 A. Bush quotes:

"If he's trying to allege that I'm a hardhearted person and I don't care about children, he's absolutely wrong."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Children Quotes
"rejects of the old ways of command and control from above."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Control Quotes
"We've got some people working here because of the ingenuity of the plant managers, ... . . . This company has provided housing for the folks who work here."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Company Quotes
"To be forced to stake our economic future on accounting maneuvers and inflated growth estimates is a stunning reversal from the economic situation you inherited just seven short months ago,"
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Future Quotes
"We cannot hesitate, we cannot yield. We must do everything in our power to bring an enemy to justice before they hurt us again."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Justice Quotes
"I picked the best person I could find, ... People know we're close. But you got to understand, because of our closeness, I know the character of the person. It's one thing to say a person can read the law -- and that's important -- and understand the law. But what also matters . . . is the intangibles. To me, a person's strength of character counts a lot."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: People Quotes
"Listen, there are differences of opinion about the way forward, ... I understand that. Some Americans want us to withdraw our troops so that we can escape the violence. I recognize their good intentions, but their position is wrong. Withdrawing our troops would make the world more dangerous and make America less safe."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Violence Quotes
"This woman deserves to be on the bench,"
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Women Quotes
"Rafael Palmeiro is a friend. He testified in public and I believe him. He's the kind of person that's going to stand up in front of the Klieg lights and say he didn't use steroids, and I believe him."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Believe Quotes
"People know we're close ... As a result of my friendship with Harriet, I know her strength of character."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Character Quotes
"Every time I come back here, I see progress, ... . . . This part of the country is changing. You're moving forward."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"The biggest threat to our recovery is for the Congress to overspend, ... We have the funds to meet our obligations, so long as they resist the temptation to spend."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Congress Quotes
"Their example is an inspiration to all who share the universal values of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, ... This is a document of which the Iraqis and the rest of the world can be proud."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"America will not run in defeat, and we will not forget our responsibilities. We have brought down two murderous regimes. We're driving terrorists from their sanctuaries. We're putting the terrorists on the run all across the world."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: America Quotes
"If it were to rain a lot, there is concern from the Army Corps of Engineers that the levees might break,"
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Army And Navy Quotes
"Now, maybe they'll stop using those words when they talk about me. It's hurtful."
Author: Bush Quotes Category: Words Quotes

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