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"The removal of Arctic and coastal drilling by no means implies this bill is good for America. The House passed a bill loaded down with draconian cuts to programs for the most vulnerable in our country."
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"I think the direction they've said is a positive direction. The question is, 'Are they are going to go there strongly enough?"
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"The administration's legislative record on the environment is unbelievably thin. They have passed virtually nothing."
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"He gets credit in having turned Bill Clinton into a real believer on climate change. Bush has said he needs to be judged by Texas, and if you judge him by Texas, the record is appalling."
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"Wal-Mart's new commitments to increase efficiency and reduce pollution and waste are important first steps for a company that has such a profound impact on our environment. More companies should take these positive steps towards safer and healthier communities."
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"No community deserves to be left at risk of wildfire. The Forest Service should focus its people and resources on Community Protection Zones, not let them be diverted to low-priority backcountry projects."
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"We can reduce the effect of future disruptions by reducing our dependence on oil, not putting up more rigs and drilling our special places. The fact is, we cannot drill our way to oil independence."
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