Adam Dauksas Quotes

10 Adam Dauksas quotes:

"If anybody in America or in the third world would pay me to do something I love, then I would give it my all. I am not ready to give it up."
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"You could sense the love in the country for soccer and the love to be outdoors. It is different from Chicago, but they love their sports, too."
Author: Dauksas Quotes Category: Country Quotes
"Matt played excellent basketball. He's a fiery competitor. He plays so hard. I think everybody on our team knows how good of a player Matt Arnold is."
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"I'd love to keep playing basketball. It is something I put all my heart in. I've been playing since I could walk."
Author: Dauksas Quotes Category: Basketball Quotes
"Every game's a battle in the (College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin) and all those games prepared us. I've got to give all the credit in the world to those other teams. We're playing for them, too."
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"When you feel like that, you have to let it fly. I thought we were in control the whole game. It's always fun to silence a big crowd like that."
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"We played an excellent game. We had that determination we were not going to lose and that's what we need."
"I felt it early on. I've been off the last couple games. I've been getting into Shirk (Center) before class to clear my mind and get shots up. You can't worry about missing shots. You just have to play."
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"I had never met him before. He came up to me before the game. He was a really nice guy. He told me he wanted to see me break the record when he was here."
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"We slowed down a little. We didn't force shots, and we took care of the ball."
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