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Martin Jol Quotes

29 Martin Jol quotes:

"Everybody is fighting for a European spot, and every game is a big fight. Today, I think we were a bit fortunate."
"We have a terrific young squad but we lack a winning mentality which you can only get through experience. He has the mentality to help us make a big step. Everybody tells me we have the players, but we have to prove it. Away from home we have to do better. Edgar can help us."
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"I think we punished ourselves. I can't remember a game in which we played so well and we're still 2-0 down. The first goal was lack of experience and then they had a break. It is a big disappointment because we had five chances before that. You cannot give away goals against top sides."
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"Before the game we would have taken this result because we had a few key players injured and this was our fourth match in nine days,"
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"We still have nine games -- four home, five away - and against rivals as well so it will be exciting stuff until the end."
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"There are so many aspects at a football club which support the playing side and it is important to have someone to focus on these at the club. He is highly rated in his field and I am delighted that he has chosen to come to us. I am looking forward to working with him and have told him that it is a great time to be joining this club."
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"He has been involved in three of the four goals we have scored so far (this season), so that is very pleasing,"
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"We aren't scoring goals, and we don't look like scoring goals, which is even worse and is not good enough,"
Author: Jol Quotes Category: Goals Quotes
"And Chelsea are the only team who have beaten us at home in eight months."
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"I still have a bad taste about the first goal. In Europe there won't be a lot of linesmen giving this as a goal. You can't tell your defenders to keep a high line if they are given goals like this."
Author: Jol Quotes Category: Giving Quotes
"It was frustrating that we had a man sent off,"
Author: Jol Quotes Category: Man Quotes
"It was frustrating that we had a man sent off because it killed the game. I don't think the referee made the right decision."
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"We know that so many other clubs would love to lure him from us so we are really pleased he has agreed a new deal."
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"I'm focussed on this club. This is my first club as a manager and I love this club. My plan is to stay here."
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"You know our philosophy, we want young players at this club and if they are already internationals like Jermaine it is always a very good thing for us."
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"I thought for a long time on Friday night about whether I should play them all but in some cases I did not have other options,"
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"Andy is out for the Christmas period."
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"We are still sick as parrots [over the Grimsby defeat], because it was the shortest way to Europe but tonight it was all right. I think we deserved the win."
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"It was signed earlier this week when the chairman came back from America,"
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"We have the players to play football and we have to take the game to Liverpool _ sometimes you have to try and put teams like Liverpool on the back foot. You want to get the initiative in the game and create opportunities, otherwise you'll have no chance."
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