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John Conyers Quotes

8 John Conyers quotes:

"If the Congress has any sense now, it will put an end to this and move on with the business that the American people care about,"
Author: Conyers Quotes Category: Business Quotes
"Given recent allegations and complaints regarding possible anti-competitive implications relating to Microsoft's proposed release of its new 'XP' operating system, I believe the antitrust concerns of the department's unusual announcement become all the more pronounced,"
"Since September 11, our nation has engaged in a policy of institutionalized racial and ethnic profiling. If Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. were alive today ... he would tell us we must not allow the horrific acts of terror our nation has endured to slowly and subversively destroy the foundation of our democracy."
Author: Conyers Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"how an individual granted a show on your network could utter such a statement in 21st century America."
Author: Conyers Quotes Category: America Quotes
"The president has to answer this. I don't think we can laugh at the London Times and British intelligence. We need to know."
"creates a process grounded in the Constitution that is focused, fair, expeditious and deliberate."
"We've got a tremendous legacy to fulfill. You can't maintain a democracy and an empire simultaneously. Rosa, you taught me that."
Author: Conyers Quotes Category: Democracy Quotes
"campaign finance has no relationship to the Starr referral and amazingly, this committee has now subpoenaed the president of the United States and the attorney general of the United States to provide documents that they don't have the authority to provide without a court order, whose criteria this committee is yet to even satisfy."
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