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"If this gets out of control all of Latin America could suffer. When Brazil sneezes, the rest of Latin America catches a cold."
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"The loss of confidence in the financial reporting of Corporate America could hurt both consumer and business spending, ... The reduced availability and higher cost of credit, as well as the desire to strengthen the balance sheet, could cause firms to postpone capital spending plans and accelerate layoffs."
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"The expectation is that the NAPM numbers should continue to improve and that the manufacturing recession is hopefully going away."
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"The rate cut could be temporary, but in these times of crisis, I think it's not inappropriate,"
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"If you want to really help the economy right away, the fastest way to do that is to have the government spend the money itself, ... The next step would be to give tax cuts to low- and middle-income people, who are more likely to spend the money."
"This summer's energy shock will cascade through the economy. A brutal winter heating season can't be ruled out. Detroit is losing steam,"
"If prices remain where they are, and the rest of the economy performs well, that won't be the end of the world,"
"For every 10-percent appreciation in the dollar, it cuts inflation by one full percentage point, assuming the strength of the dollar is sustained,"
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"It will have some positive effect, but I don't think there's a strong conviction the stock market rally is going to be sustained. No one is really cashing it in and beginning to spend more money."
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"Inflation is not an issue right now. However, it could be in the future. The Fed will begin to worry about inflation because monetary policy affects the inflation rate with a lag of as much as 18 months to two years, so they need to worry about it now."
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"Manufacturing could be a key driver of economic growth in the future, as opposed to being a big drag as we've seen in the past, ... Even employment, which has been weak, should be coming around as demand continues to pick up steam."
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"If oil goes to $50 a barrel, I think we're talking about 3 percent economic growth, rather than 4 percent growth, possibly. And the jobless rate could actually go up, not down, because the long-term potential economic growth rate is actually 3.5 percent -- we could actually be falling below potential."
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"More and more jobs, both manufacturing and service jobs are sent overseas; these jobs won't come back any time soon."
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"[Fed Chairman Alan] Greenspan would like to see employment gains of 150,000 or more jobs for a few months before dropping the words, 'considerable period'."
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"If we create [millions of] jobs, as the White House says we will, then real incomes will rise and we can afford to pay for the higher price of energy. If not, it might be a problem."
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"We're still losing jobs, but the rate of loss is expected to slow, ... That, hopefully, will be viewed that the economy is starting to improve."
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"Until and unless there are significant increases in jobs over a period, tighter monetary policy is out of the question."
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"Greenspan has to make sure the labor market has improved on a continuing basis before he can even think about hiking interest rates. For example, in 1992, he waited 17 months after the peak of the unemployment rate before hiking interest rates."
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"Our research shows the jobless rate is the best indicator of monetary policy, ... They have almost perfect correlation."
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"Employment gains are rising at a slower rate, retail sales are decelerating somewhat, the stock market is going through some turmoil and the Middle East situation is also probably having a dampening impact on consumers' willingness to spend, ... So I think the Michigan confidence report is consistent with an overall picture in which consumers are doing well, but probably taking a breather for a while."
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