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13 Pete Mackanin quotes:

"I think Latin America is more beneficial than the fall league. There's a lot more pressure on you to perform. The conditions aren't the greatest, and it does toughen your skin a bit."
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"I thought we had everything under control. But that error just killed us. We've had trouble in the sixth and seventh innings all season, and that certainly was the case tonight."
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"I'm looking at their lineup card, and they've got a football team. I'm looking at mine, and I've got three guys on the bench due to attrition."
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"You don't win one-run games, the other team loses them. And we lost this one."
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"We'll take it inning by inning. We'll hope he can economize his pitches."
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"That's a lot of pitches in five innings. He's fighting to get on track. Sometimes you just have to go out there and forget about the corners. He's got that kind of stuff where if he just keeps the ball down in the zone, he'll be OK."
"That guy Eckstein, I hate facing him with the game on the line. He's an outstanding clutch hitter."
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"It's hard to watch when he's not on. But when he's on, it's really nice to watch because you can see the potential there. I don't know if he was at his best tonight, but he was close. If he can do that seven out of 10 times, you've got something there."
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"We wouldn't want him to go past 120 pitches. I would have loved to have sent him out to get a complete game, but it would have put him past that threshold and I'm not willing to do that."
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"I don't foresee Redman pitching the rest of the year. That's my take. I might be wrong, but a broken index finger is not real good news for a pitcher. I don't see it happening, especially in lieu of the fact that we have so many young players we still need to get a look at."
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"You can't continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. There has to be a way to get across to the players that bad play or bad performance is unacceptable. You learn your craft in the Minor Leagues. At the big league level, we expect results."
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"I don't have a magic bullet. I'm going to do the best I can to right this ship and get something positive out of the last three weeks of the season."
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"Two outs, man on second. And everything kind of fell apart."
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