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"It's the story of America and how we started. To see it snuffed out is especially painful."
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"When you ask me whether they mean well and whether there is a diversity program that addresses all of our problems, we have not yet seen that. But we want to see that, and we are willing to work together to make that happen."
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"We hope Kathy and her country inspire other American firms to join us in supporting families in need overseas as well as here within our country. Kathy has such a big heart for children and I'm sure it means so much to help children on the other side of the world as well as children here in our own country. We thank her for her continual support of hungry children worldwide."
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"Groups account for about 70% of our business because of our ample meeting space and superior accommodations."
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"When you're in business for yourself, the buck stops with you. You don't operate in a vacuum. You have to operate in the community."
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"We had to jump the fence and pass my brother's body over the wire fence , and even then the nurses and guards refused to allow us into the Health Centre saying that there were no doctors on duty. It was only when we started to misbehave that they looked at my brother and said he was dead."
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"At Feed The Children, we believe in feeding the mind as well as the body. By joining with Office Depot and Peoples' Self-Help Housing today, we are making sure that area children get the supplies and help they need to make the most of their education and create a better tomorrow."
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"That's the benefit of all of this."
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"This is the first truck that Success University has sponsored. And it illustrates Success University's commitment and dedication to helping those in need."
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"He's quitting cause he needs money for his kids to college? He could have come up with a better excuse than that."
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"This is the eighth truck for the Gulf Coast that Kathy has sponsored. And it further illustrates Kathy's dedication to helping those in need following the greatest natural disaster in the history of our country."
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"Hopefully the growth in the county helps out and increases our revenue. But there is a possibility we might have to look at a tax increase. We're going to have to allocate more money for the precincts than what we're getting now."
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"This is a true job-match system. We're not just posting jobs for employers and applicants, but actually matching them based on their own criteria...and it's free for everyone."
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"Nortel and its channel make more money on the upkeep of existing PBX customers than they do on selling new switches, so they hardly want to walk away from the old infrastructure ... That's why most of the people who are pushing convergence are on the IP side."
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"Typically the technology sector specifically sells off in the summer season as you have a seasonal slowdown but then it returns to strength anticipating the recovery in sales in the fourth quarter of the year. And we are expecting a similar pattern this year,"
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"In traditional voice systems, you can fix 40% to 50% of the problems remotely. On the data side, you can do 80%. Voice is still very people intensive, and people are the most expensive element of the network environment."
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"What I like are some of the reactions you get from parents. They're (yelling), 'I got you!' and jumping up and down."
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"She worked well, and we're planning on running (in the Distaff,) ... She had a major excuse in the Beldame because of a reoccurring breathing problem. We think we've got it corrected. She didn't have surgery; we treated it with antibiotics."
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"We expect maybe 50 basis points of Fed fund increases between now and December. The market is pricing in 100 percent probability of that happening."

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