Mahdi Bray Quotes

4 Mahdi Bray quotes:

"It is critical that the faith community work together to do all that we can to heal the heart and the land, ... This is the real prophetic mission of all faiths. We are truly encouraged by the solidarity and outpouring of support exhibited by those in the faith community."
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"My grandmother said, 'Idle hands are the devil's workshop,' ... We want to keep kids busy with positive things. If you don't give them things to do, somebody else will."
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"unsettling that we have to be reminded of the plight of the poor in America in this manner."
Author: Bray Quotes Category: America Quotes
"We're not trying to prove anything, other than what our faith requires us to do. What goes with our faith is to help others, to respond and show compassion when people need it, and I'm glad we can do it."
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