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"With our compelling products, a rapidly developing installed base of new hardware, and consumer enthusiasm for video games, we increased our sales by 30 percent ... a record quarter for Electronic Arts."
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"We think that more people will buy two football games than they did last year."
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"I am extremely pleased with our performance this past quarter and our strong market position at this early stage of the console cycle."
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"These promotions of Paul, Gerhard, David, and Frank reflect the enormous amount of talent and depth within our organization, ... Each of these executives has served many years in our company, developing their leadership skills and proving themselves with increasing levels of responsibility. I believe this is the strongest and most capable executive team in our industry."
Author: Probst Quotes Category: Talent Quotes
"Bob Pittman has built a reputation for using technology to change the way mainstream audiences experience entertainment, ... We think he will be a strong addition to our board, and will help EA achieve its goal of leading the worldwide growth of interactive entertainment."
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"We decided we wanted to move really fast on this, so we joined with the leader in North America to enable our content to be deployed on mobile phones more aggressively here and globally."
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"There is no greater storyteller than Steven Spielberg, ... In addition to his gift for pleasing movie audiences, he has an innate understanding of games and how to immerse players into a fantastic world of action and characters."
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