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"Morales is acutely aware of the symbols, both in terms of the indigenous identity of the country and by setting the standard for cutting salaries."
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"To be frank, it doesn't surprise me. Chavez is a case apart; but if you look at the finance ministers -- Chile, Uruguay, Brazil -- all of them would please Milton Friedman with their fiscal discipline and their closing down of debts. And even those on the left stress 'effectiveness' as the model. It shows that the old labels don't have a lot of meaning in the present context."
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"If Morales fully carries out his proposed agenda, the consequences would be likely to be quite problematic. His supporters may be happy, but Bolivia's economy would not be viable."
"More than any other leader, he is shaping the agenda and setting the terms of debate in the region. Chavez has the initiative, he's on the offensive, and everyone else is reacting to what he says and does."
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