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"It's a very nice place, nice facility. It doesn't look like it's in America. We have rest rooms in the pits, which is pretty unusual. It's definitely challenging, but it's also very rewarding to the driver. If you push to go, you are rewarded with a good lap. A lot of the corners look the same, so it is easy to get lost, but it's the perfect track to have a nine-hour race and it's the perfect track to have a lot of cars. There is a lot of runoff and it's very wide. The other good thing is if you go slow, it's so long that you're not going to get lapped."
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"Obviously I'm very happy to start the race on the front row. I think I had a good qualifying session and I really pushed hard, especially in the last five laps when Bill Riley was telling me to push harder to avoid ending up in the back. I just kept pushing and pushing and finally got a good lap together. And it was my best. I don't think I could have done any better than that."
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"We had a tough race yesterday in the rain. Wayne did a good job starting so far in the back and brought the car back in a good position. I had to work very hard from there for the entire race, but we got a good result."
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"The testing went quite well with the new rules that add this extra weight. It makes the car a bit more difficult and challenging for us. Because it was just testing, I'm curious to see how the car is and things are during the race with everyone out there."
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"Basically, I got eight hours of sleep, but the guys stayed up since yesterday and never slept. They're incredible. I think it took 12 hours to completely redo the car. I think we started the engine for the first time at eight o'clock this morning and in the warm-up, everything was fantastic. I have to say that today's car was even better than yesterday's."
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