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"America received a call to arms Sept. 11 when terrorists hit the heart of America,"
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"It's a tremendous natural tragedy that has occurred and America has mobilized itself to help our own citizens. It's going to require some concentrated effort over a period of time, but I think it's going much better today,"
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"Emotional Love: Playing on the love a detainee has for an individual or group."
"Direct: Asking straightforward questions."
"you (veterans) are the great American heroes. Your patriotism and your willingness to sacrifice are deeply appreciated by our country and your sacrifice will never be forgotten."
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"We are taking the fight into the safe havens of the enemy in the heartland of the country, where we continue to face former regime loyalists, criminals and foreign terrorists,"
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"At this point in time, there's no reported exchange of fire,"
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"He was a tired man, ... Also, I think, a man resigned to his fate."
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"We're fighting a low-intensity conflict that is multifaceted,"
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"We will not let a small group of criminals and thugs control the destiny of this country,"
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"a defeat for the coalition."
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"The honor and value systems of our armed forces are solid and the bedrock of what makes us the best in the world, ... There has been no catastrophic failure, and America's armed forces will never compromise their honor."
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"We will find him at some point. Wherever the intelligence takes us,"
"If it's actionable intelligence and we believe that there may be substance to that tip, we go ahead and conduct operations against, and that's just one of those cases,"
"I think clearly the number of wounded, also the number of engagements over the past three weeks, have been a little bit higher than we've seen before,"
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"to free other people and to let them enjoy the freedoms that we have become accustomed to since the founding of our nation."
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